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My Experience Modding & Extreme OC - 2080Ti

My Experience Modding & Extreme OC – 2080Ti

I was looking at 2080Ti cards on Newegg back in August of this year and I had an idea. I saw that the cheapest EVGA 2080Ti was $1090 (XC model) and the Kingpin Edition was considerably more at $1920. I was wondering to myself if there is really a substantial reason to spend an additional $830. I’m not going to delve into the details of each card and the merits of one design or another, the reviewers out there have done that to death. Rather, I wanted to know what the difference is for extreme overclocking. I wondered to myself: Can I take the cheapest EVGA 2080Ti -- and with the help of volt modding -- achieve the same LN2 clocks as the most expensive EVGA 2080Ti?? I had the idea that once I have removed the limits and unlocked all voltage control, it's just going to come down to silicon quality. I was willing to take a $1090 gamble and do extreme modding to the stock 2080Ti to answer this question, follow along to find out what happened.
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