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Today we will be taking a peak at the latest RAM offerings from Team Group. The Taipei tech giant has been producing RAM, peripherals and storage solutions since 1997. They were gracious enough to supply EHW with a T- Force 6200MHz Delta RGB DDR5 kit. I have been reading about the OC potential of these sticks on various forums and I am excited to give them a spin. Read on to see what I find.

Key Features

This kit comes in a variety of flavors; 5200, 5600, 6000, 6200, 6400 and 6600MHz respectively.

With a refreshing visual experience modeled after a stealth aircraft, the T-FORCE
DELTA RGB DDR5 offers a 120°Ultra-Wide Lighting angle that supports lighting
software from various manufacturers.









The kit supplied to us is the white 6200MHz 2x16GB CL38-38-38-78 XMP @1.25v. At the time of writing this review, the kit retails for $293.99 at Amazon. The direct link to the product specification sheet can be found here.


The kit arrived in a slender, colorful box. Inside was a plastic clamshell protective case holding the two DIMM’s. There is also a limited warranty pamphlet and shiny metallic T-Force sticker.

PCB layout

The DELTA RGB DDR5 memory is equipped with PMIC, minimizing noise interference and ensuring stable, efficient power distribution across all components for fast, reliable power supply


The layout of the PCB is pretty typical for DDR5. The PMIC in the center with thin thermal adhesive tape. The Hynix IC’s are below with thicker thermal padding. The DIMM’s are straddled by an aluminum heatsink and thermally conductive silicon.



A closer look/Installed

The modules have an average weight when held and feel like they were made of quality components. The kit we received is pure white and would be perfect for a white out build. There was absolutely no way to camouflage them within our test bench setup.


Test Setup and Benchmarks

The intent with our testing was to push this kit and it’s Hynix IC’s to the limit. Increasing frequency and voltages past XMP should be done at your own risk. For the most stable OC for this kit, XMP should be applied. All overclocks completed were done expressly for bandwidth readouts and benchmark capability. Extended stability testing was NOT done for any of the below overclocks. Each overclock will have a CPUzASrock Timing Configurator screenshot. AIDA64 ExtremeSuperPi (32M) will be used to check bandwidth and stress timings respectively.

  • CPU – 12900KF. 5.2GHz all P core, E-cores Auto @1.35v. Cache Auto
  • RAM – T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6200MHz (2x16GB) Gaming Desktop Memory
  • MOBO – EVGA z690 Dark Kingpin
  • GPU – EVGA GT710
  • Storage – Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 2TB
  • PSU – Super Flower 1600w Platinum Leadex
  • Case – Open Air Test Bench (24c Ambient)
  • OS – Windows 10
  • RAM (Active) Cooling – 80mm Be quiet fan above RAM.

XMP ~ 6200MHz CL38-38-38-72 2T @1.25v + Auto sub timings. 

The XMP settings at 1.25v are actually quite impressive right out of the box. Most end users should apply XMP and will enjoy a responsive experience with <60ns latency.


Overclock 1 ~ 6600MHz XMP timings @1.4v +Auto sub timings.

For the initial overclock we increased the frequency by 400MHz with the same XMP timings and voltage set to 1.4v. We realized a 6% gain in read bandwidth with a decreased latency of 58.4ns. Notice the increased SuperPi times. We believe that the ECC on the RAM is kicking in, thus increasing the calculation time but preventing a system crash. The motherboard did automatically increase tRFC and PB timings.

Overclock 2 ~ 6800MHz CL32-39-39-32 2T @1.55v + tRFC/tRFCpb (350), tREFI (262143)

We easily achieved 6800MHz @1.55v with tighter timings. This should be an achievable OC setting for most users. Voltage can most likely be reduced and timings can be played with to find optimal settings. We were able to realize an 11% increase in read bandwidth over XMP, with write and copy speeds slightly increasing as well.

Overclock 3 ~ 7000MHz CL32-39-39-32 1T @1.6v + tRFC (360, tREFI (262143)

We decided to throw this one in there for fun. This kit has proven itself to be an easy over clocker. The fact that we were able to run 7000MHz at a 1T command rate was impressive. We would not be surprised if someone with this kit would be able to run 6800 1T as a 24/7 OC with the right voltage and timings.



Lighting Effects

Though Team Group does not have their own proprietary lighting control software, they did go to great lengths to make it compatible with most other manufacturers software. The EVGA Dark does have “Eleet” software, but the lighting control is limited to the aRGB/RGB hubs on the motherboard only. We were quite content leaving the rainbow puke on while testing this fantastic RAM. We included a video of the color gambit the kit offers. How you configure the colors is entirely up to you.

The T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 is equipped with a smart RGB IC controller that is compatible with lighting effect software such as ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASROCK-Polychrome Sync, and BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ[1] for lighting effects and synchronization. With the RGB DDR5, gamers can design their own lighting effects and create an incredibly stunning RGB system.



We want to give a profound thank you to Team Group for providing us with their T-Force Delta RGB 6200MHz DDR5  kit. The design of these memory modules is modern and built well. The inclusion of Hynix IC’s makes this kit an excellent overclocker. The current price of $293.9 on Amazon at the time of this review is competitive and a steal for what you get with these DIMM’s. The fact that we were able to run 7000MHz @1T command rate was astounding. Purchasing this kit for use in a new system build should be a no brainer considering the price point and OC potential.

ValueLack of proprietary lighting software
Hynix IC's
Unique Design

Must Have

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  1. Excellent review, bro. I enjoyed reading it.

    This is very good memory. I have the same kit in black and it is fantastic at overclocking. TeamGroup is gaining a strong reputation for producing good products at competitive (or better) prices.

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