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InWin is a brand synonymous with contemporary and innovative products. Since 1985, InWin has been serving its customers high quality products, including consumer computer chassis, cooling, power supply, and those in the server markets. InWin was kind enough to send over its SR24 Pro 240mm RGB AIO for us to take a look at. Follow along as we go over the features and test results of this AIO Cooler. 


Specifications and Features

The InWin SR24 Pro is an All-In-One closed loop cooling solution. This unit features addressable RGB on the fans as well as on the pump top. InWin has designed this unit to be compatible with all current system socket types as well as many older variants, so compatibility should not be an issue for most.

The Pump is made from an Aluminium housing featuring a copper cold plate and acrylic top with InWin’s logo. Nylon Braided Rubber tubes exit from opposite sides of the pump housing and give you 400mm of length before reaching the all Aluminium radiator. 

One of the most innovative features of this AIO is InWin’s “Twin Turbine Pump”. This gives us two pumps inside the aluminium housing to help with pulling low temp coolant into the body and onto the cold plate, and pulling hot coolant out towards the radiator to be cooled which in theory should be more efficient that single pump coolers. InWin even goes so far as to claim that one of the two pumps can fail, and still allow the AIO to function properly and keep your system cool. A warning LED light will come on if this is to happen. 


Key Features

  • Patented Integrated Twin Turbines – The patented twin-turbine function pulls low temperature coolant in, while also pushing out the hot coolant
  • All Aluminium Waterblock/Pump Housing – The gorgeous water block shell is made of anodized aluminium alloy with laser engraving and is complemented with a diamond-cut outline.
  • Enhanced AIO Thermal Performance – To provide excellent thermal performance, the cooling surface matters! InWin improved the radiator and the array of microchannel fins to increase the heat conducting efficiency!
  • Jupiter Series AJF120 Addressable RGB Fans – The fans feature high airflow, high static pressure, and possess a high-speed mode that allows them to ramp up to 2500rpm
  • RGB Sync Capabilities with Addressable Motherboards – The SR Pro line is equipped with a vibrant ARGB logo on the pump housing and Jupiter series ARGB fans. Control all the lighting by using the provided One-Click controller or sync with any ARGB capable motherboard(3-pin 5v header only)
  • Cautionary LEDs – When the fans or pumps detect an unusual current or excessive heat, the LEDs will flash red and blue to prevent damaging the components
  • Simplified Pump Installation – Modular and tool-free brackets are designed to allow quick and painless installation onto all supported CPU sockets
  • Corrosive Resistant Tubes – The tubes are sleeved with braided nylon to increase visual appeal and added protection. The rubber used is designed to withstand constant motion of water drawn from the twin-turbine pump
  • Anti-Loose Cable Buckle – AJF120 fans feature connectors with buckles to ensure cables stay connected

Key Features Source

Packaging and Accessories

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When looking at the outside packaging of this cooler assembly, it is very apparent that InWin has kept true to their contemporary and innovative slogan. The packaging on the outside looks fantastic and gives you all necessary information about the liquid cooler inside.


Inside the box we have everything laid out nice and neat in the custom fit cardboard tray. All components come with proper labelling so you are very aware of what you are unboxing and the pump and radiator both come with nice plastic sleeving to keep everything in check.


  • InWin SR PRO Series 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler
  • InWin AJF120 Addressable Fan x2
  • ARGB One-Click Controller
  • Fan and Radiator Mounting Screws Pack
  • Mounting Kit for CPU Sockets
  • Cable Pack

Once we get things laid out, InWin has moved away from a traditional user manual, to using a QR code that you can scan with your phone and pull everything up. This is a nice touch to keep down on the paper waste and have everything scrollable quickly through your phone.

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Do take note that because of the dual-pump design, the pump is taller than your average AIO pump setup. This may cause clearance issues in some builds. Aesthetically this is a great looking unit! The sleek looking body mixed with the ARGB and premium aluminium body give a super premium feel.

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Multiple RGB profiles are available stand-alone with the included controller, or you can have it sync up with your other RGB components through your motherboard!


Testing & Performance


For performance of the AIO, we ran through our Benchmark Test suite and our standard stress test setup. FCLK was set to 1900 and Memory Frequency was set to DOCP of the memory modules at 3800MHz, this was done for all testing scenarios. For our benchmark suite we allotted 5 minutes between runs and 30 minutes between test changes. To make the most of the stress tests we ran each for 30 minutes and gave 30 minutes between each test run.

Stock settings are, outside of the outlined above, just as the setup would perform out of the box. For our PBO runs of testing we set the PBO limits to that of the motherboard. This allows PBO to stretch its legs as far as it will go. Our standard OC profile is 4600Mhz 1.25v all core. While more could be pushed, it was not stable for certain testing scenarios.


First up in our stress testing is running using Aida64’s Stress Test mode. We can see that in all three scenarios, the InWin SR24 Pro keeps the AMD 5900X well in check. With Stock settings and PBO we see spikes up to 5000Mhz on a few different cores before temperature became a limiting factor and brought the CPU down in clock speeds to keep everything in check. Using a static voltage for our All-Core OC let the CPU run just a touch cooler versus the other two setups because voltage wasn’t spiking as needed for frequency movement.


Second up in our test suite is Prime95 in the Small FFT Configuration. This is where things got interesting for the 240mm AIOs. Stock settings were of no issue for the cooling setup, along with PBO settings as well being kept in check. All-Core definitely gave the test some issues. Multiple times the test would either fail partially through the test or at the start with the CPU hitting max temp and shutting the system off. We were required to lower the All-Core settings to 4500Mhz and 1.15V for VCore to be able to pass the test, although we were right on the edge of recommended maximum thermals for this CPU.



Throughout the testing the InWin SR24 Pro was able to handle everything our suite threw at it. Always showing it can compete really well with other 240mm AIOs, while also looking great while doing it with its beautiful ARGB. Multiple times throughout our testing suite we saw the 5900X spiking to 5000Mhz on multiple cores. This is fantastic to see and gives great hope for larger core count CPUs being placed in smaller enclosures and using appropriate sized cooling solutions.

Prime95 and Aida64 are stress tests, and therefore will load up the CPU as much as possible. Aida64 results were as expected for being a smaller cooling solution at 240mm vs the recent EKWB unit we tested at 360mm. Prime95 definitely gave us some worries. The small FFT setting is a monster synthetic stress test that is very outside of real world conditions, but we did want to see how far this cooling solution was able to be pushed.


Final Thoughts

In our opinion, for $149.99(at time of writing) this particular liquid-cooler offers a great ARGB experience in a 240mm form factor. A sleek package, ARGB pump and fans, and overall top notch fit and finish allow this liquid cooler to be at the top of your list for RGB coolers. Performance wise we are quite happy with this unit, but would recommend users seeking to do some overclocking to consider a larger unit, which InWin offers in its SR36 Pro cooling solution. Being an addressable setup, this unit can be used in anything from the most basic of builds, to a full on cacophony of RGB. InWin has done great on another product release!

Built in ARGB is great with either Motherboard or One-Click Controller profiles.240mm package leaves little room for overclocking.
Low Noise from pump with dual pump design.Dual Pump design means taller housing, may cause clearance issues.
Construction/Design gives a premium fit and finish.Mounting hardware is not of spring tension design.


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