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Logitech has been creating peripherals for some time. They aggressively make their presence known with their advancements in the peripheral market. With the Logitech G line of products, it continues to innovate with wired and wireless technology because its goal is to create a super responsive environment for any gamer. They offer the lowest input lag for their Logitech G line of products and swear that you can’t tell the difference between wired and wireless. Their new Lightspeed technology further improves latency and is targeted for eSports and gamers. I’ve looked at several Logitech products in the past and today we will be looking over the PRO X headset. This headset was designed in collaboration with professional eSports players and offers advanced communication technology. Let’s dive into what makes this headset hear and sound like a pro.

Packaging / Accessories

The box is black with a large image of the headset. I like how simple the design is but also like how the PRO line is advertised subtly. You can see that the headset is Blue vo!ce certified in the top right.

  • PRO X wired gaming headset
  • USB DAC with 3.5 mm, 4-pole output
  • Detachable microphone boom with micro pop filter (BLUE VO!CE)
  • Mobile cable with inline controls and mic
  • PC splitter for separate mic and headphone jacks
  • Console/PC cable with inline controls
  • Additional ear pads
  • Headset carrying bag
  • Accessories case
  • User documentation

The headset

PRO X joins a complete setup of gear developed in close collaboration with top esports pros. With our most advanced tech and focused design, nothing gets in the way of winning.

Logitech Source

The headset was designed with PRO grade features:

  • Blue Vo!ce mic technology
  • Durable premium steel/aluminum
  • PRO tuned EQ Profiles
  • 20 HZ-20KHZ response times
  • USB digital processing for 7.1
  • Memory foam padding
  • 50mm PRO-G precision drivers
  • 6mm Mic (100HZ-10KHZ)
  • DTS Headphone X 2.0 surround sound

The PRO X has removable earcups that can be swapped out if you don’t like the feel of the other earcups. The microphone is also removable and offers “Blue Vo!ce” microphone technology. This adds voice filters, compression and ensures a richer voice experience. This can all be adjusted and enabled/disabled in the G HUB gaming software.

Each earcup offers PRO-G 50mm drivers. PRO-G hybrid mesh can deliver more accurate frequencies plus a higher fidelity bass response. This creates an environment where you hear more footsteps and cues from your favorite games.

I love how the PRO X looks but the design can be problematic. The brushed aluminum on the outside earcups looks premium but can scratch easily. This isn’t a deal-breaker for people who take good care of their stuff but I often do and still found small scuffs from normal use.

The PRO X offers next-gen surround sound with DTS 2.0. Version 2.0 takes 7.1 channel surround sound further with enhanced bass rendering and differentiates distance from proximity cues. With the additional USB dongle, you can enable next-gen surround within G HUB.

The headband is adjustable on a sliding curve and offers comfortable memory foam for the top of your head. It’s wrapped in leather and does feel quite comfortable. I ended up wearing it for a few hours at a time and never felt any discomfort from long-time use.

The band is made of steel and aluminum which adds to its comfortable design and premium aesthetic. It also feels very lightweight and durable.

The accessories include extra cables for more versatility. Each cable gives you options. The PC cable offers inline audio and the mobile cable has an inline mic for use with the boom mic detached. You also get a carrying bag that will protect your equipment during travel. The main headset cable is also compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and the switch.


This section will focus on the G HUB dashboard. G HUB is Logitech gaming software that allows complete control over all your Logitech G devices. You can find out more here.

G HUB enables:

  • Control/create game profiles
  • Built-in OBS and third-party software integration
  • 16.8 million RGB color sync across your Logitech devices / Individual control over lighting zones
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Recognizes your gear automatically and syncs the hardware to your profile

I can say that pairing G HUB with multiple Logitech devices works well. I am syncing my PRO wireless, G 915 TKL, and PRO X. The PRO X has no RGB but if it did it would sync the same as the other devices seamlessly. I am not a fan of RGB on a headset because to me it doesn’t make sense, so the lack of RGB is no issue for me.

The heart of the PRO X comes from all the professionally tuned EQ presets. Each audio profile was tuned by eSports athletes and you can also customize the headset to something that suits your taste.

Blue Vo!ce offers real-time voice filters to reduce noise and you can play around with it here in G HUB. There are PRO presets and an enable/disable feature if you’re using other microphone filters or applications. You can set the mic level (Input Gain) so that you can be heard normally and not distorted when speaking loudly.

The best feature in my opinion of the PRO X is the DTS 2.0 surround sound. I feel like it may be the best implementation of surround sound on a headset to date. Its directional audio feels like things are correctly positioned from a distance point of view. It offers the usual profiles for multi-channel surround like entertainment, sports, and gaming. The DTS super stereo mode offers heavy bass and strong profiles to be heavy in front, wide, or traditional channels/frequency.

You can of course customize this to your style and then it also has a test feature built-in for hearing each channel individually. I find the default gaming profile to sound the best as it balances out each channel across each zone.

Audio Experience

3.5mm jack / consoles

After using the PRO X on the Series X controller / PS5, I can say it sounds just as good as any decent stereo headset. This isn’t a knock at the PRO X but you are not buying this headset for console use. Its strengths fall with the collaboration of eSports players and the built-in features of G HUB. That being said, having the ability to use the headset on all of your devices allows the PRO X good versatility.

USB & DTS 2.0

This is where the PRO X shines and allows the headset to stretch its limit of analog audio. It feels premium once you start hearing the engineered audio channels separate from the left/right earcups. The tuned 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound deliver a premium experience with the G HUB software. I did notice wider ranges when paired over the USB advanced sound card vs regular stereo sound.

Microphone Experience

The microphone is simply fantastic on this headset. It works very well with applications such as Discord and Nvidia broadcast. It gets better when you enable Blue Vo!ce. Just simply enabling Blue Vo!ce gives the microphone for studio-quality sound. You can find out more on Blue Vo!ce here.


Gaming works fantastic with the PRO X and does a great job with the positional audio. Games that allow for headphone use or changing the audio options from stereo to surround will benefit here. I tested Outriders with DTS 7.1 surround enabled and the experience is mind-blowing. It’s amazing how far we’ve come with software and hardware.


The construction of the PRO X is solid and the design feels premium. The only gripe I have is how easy it is to scratch the brushed aluminum on the earcups. The biggest advantage of the PRO X is going to be the tuned profiles and DTS 2.0 surround sound.

Allowing a single headset to work with a multitude of devices makes the PRO X versatile and a worthy investment. Long gaming sessions are comfortable thanks to the use of memory foam. It delivers premium audio and design elements that make the product stand out among competitors.

When compared overall, the comfort, design, and software all make the headset justify its $130.00 price tag. At MSRP you’re getting a ton of features rolled into a complete package. At the time of this writing, it’s on sale for only $116.99 on Amazon here. I can recommend this headset because it will give you a finely-tuned headset out of the box with little effort on your part.

Excellent design / Sound / SoftwareBrushed aluminum can get scratched easily.
Highly effective microphone with Blue Vo!ce


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