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Hey fellow enthusiasts, I am Ryan aka bluedevil. Almost a year ago, I looked at Creative’s SuperXFi Gamer headset at another publication. Well today, in 2021, I am gonna take another look at this innovative gaming headset. Stay with me.  

So what makes a gaming headset a gaming headset? Headphones plus a mic right? Yeah, but Creative set out to make the SuperXFi Gamer a little bit different from the rest of the other gaming headsets on the market. They injected their award winning SuperXFi holographic audio technology into the Gamer headset. Now if you recall, the design language is really familiar to the SuperXFi Theatre that ENTERPRISE reviewed recently, but I can assure you the Gamer takes it to a different level on the digital battlefield. 




Two things stand out for Creative’s SuperXFi Gamer, the integration of Creative’s innovative SuperXFi holographic technology as well as a much better, if not the best mic I have tested to date. Creative’s SuperXFi holographic technology has been around for a while and has a few revisions, giving the end user a feeling of sound actuality.


Box Contents 

  • Creative SXFI GAMER
  • CommanderMic
  • USB Cable
  • Analog 4-pole 3.5 mm Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Converter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Leaflet

A quick look at the build properties of SuperXFi gamers, the construction is mostly plastic ear cups with a metal headband. This isn’t the first time Creative uses this particular design language to be used with the SuperXFi Theatre, AIR and SoundBlasterXH6 headsets. The ear cups themselves have RGB elements on the outside of the ear cups housing the 50mm neodymium drivers. Flip the gamer on the back and you’ve got a 3.5mm line-in jack and a USB Type-C port for easy use without RGB, available at all odds and ends. On the same side there is a higher volume wheel, a button toggle for activating battle mode, and SuperXFi. At the front is the microphone slot, and the RGB toggle button. 

When the CommanderMic is attached, a red LED on the mic pickup side tells you if the mic is hot or not. The SuperXFi Gamer CommanderMic, is a 4 pole 3.5mm input which is contoured for a snug fit in one direction, as well as having a mic symbol on the CommanderMic hot side to help with voice pickup and noise suppression along side the integrated pop filter. The CommanderMic also has a metal flexible cable which makes it more adjustable.



The CommanderMic, which promotes the title of Creative’s best mic on a gaming headset, uses the latest SuperXFi INPERSON mic technology with an integrated pop filter, further enhancing its capabilities by effectively distinguishing a human voice as well as ambient noise, and focuses on suppressing noise, thus enhancing audible speech. Fitment is also pretty comfortable. Both earcups have a swivelling function, with the headband having some flex for further comfort. A large foam pad is present on the headband with the Creative logo embossed on the very top. The earcups themselves do get a little warm while playing games, especially since the ear cushions are made with a memory foam and synthetic leather materials, with no ventilation holes.  

Continuing to improve sound quality, listening to music and watching movies are all good, but the main attraction for gamers is games. The SuperXFi Gamer sounds very similar to many other gaming headsets in normal mode, but when the SuperXFi Battle mode is enabled, the audio fidelity is raised to 11. The explosions seem to have more flare, the bullets seem to roar through your ears, which add more to the sense of reality.


Creative’s SuperXFi Gamer does have a few faults though. First the included USB type C Kevlar cable, broke on me, or should I say my 3 year old “tested” it, however I would not have expected this cable to have broken so easily consider Creative put in the extra effort to make it extra “hardy” as it were. Secondly, the fitment is a bit limiting compared to other gaming headsets on the market, most allowing for a fold flat design on the users chest or storage when not in use. Thirdly, the earcups do get particularly warm after an hour or so of use due to the not having air perforations.

So to summarize, Creative’s SuperXFi Gamer is AWESOME, having SXFI Battle Mode is a game changer on the battlefield, giving end users a “Sixth Sense”.  Thus making it easy to give the SuperXFi Gamer the “Must Have” award. The SuperXFi Gamer will make your games feel more realistic and more immersive. Period. There are two versions of the SuperXFi Gamer, with the Air Gamer being a bit more expensive, albeit with Bluetooth 5.0 and different perforated earcups. 

RGB is subtleLimited adjustability
Excellent noise suppression from CommanderMicEarcups get hot after a while
Great positional audio while in shooter gamesKevlar USB Cable broke
USB Type C connection

You can buy the SuperXFi Gamer on Amazon for about $90 USD or £87 Pounds. Once again, I am Ryan with Extreme Hardware, and what we do here is push it to the limit. 

I will see you guys in the next one. 

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